Indian Rosewood Back and Sides Set MASTERGRADE
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Indian Rosewood can be a fabulous tonewood but it has to have been grown in the right conditions.  Plantation grown and even tea-estate grown wood has had an easy life with plenty of food  which makes it grow too quickly.  These back and sides sets are real rosewood which grew slowly and consequently developed fantastic colour and grain.  Its density is also something to be believed.   There is no way that photos and fulsome praise can do full justice to these sets.  Once held ....... These sets were carefully selected from the best stock in terms of density, colour and grain.  They deserve the title Mastergrade as they are almost certainly the best Indian Rosewood in the UK.  Not all timber is the same of course and not all Indian Rosewood either.  So expect old growth, high density, and dark sets with phenomenal taptone.  Obviously for that special guitar.  Should make a dreadnought or larger but email us if you are planning a guitar and needs more than 200 mm width for each board.

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Indian Rosewood Back and Sides Set MASTERGRADE

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