Large sized machined brass luthier plane
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SORRY BUT THIS SIZE IS NOW UNAVAILABLE.  I WOULD LIKE TO TRY TO PURSUADE THE MAKER TO MAKE MORE SO LET ME KNOW IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED. IF IT HAPPENED THEY WOULD NOT BE READY FOR QUITE SOME TIME.  I now have three different luthiers planes in stock. Small, medium and large.  Though large is small if you get my drift.   This is the largest width of 19 mm, a body width of 22 mm, and a body length of 62mm approximately. What is so special? Well, apart from the price, these are machined out of solid brass and are not cast.  This means that the weight is much better in the hand.  The blade is commercially tempered steel.  These planes have had a somewhat cult following in the USA on Luthiers Forum.  They are that good.  I have been using them for a good few years now. They are hand made by a keen luthier using advanced machining methods.  I am offering them on consignment which means on behalf of the maker.  To keep the price competitive I am not taking a profit - at least for the moment.  Nevertheless, my guarantee still applies and you may return the item for any reason for a full refund.  If I am in any way at fault or the item, then I will also pay postage costs. Personally, I think that there is no competition for these from anywhere at any price.  As you can see, the sole is flat.

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Large sized machined brass luthier plane

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